"Sex Over The Phone" (Homo Heritage Fridays - Video Edition)

Melissa (of Cupcake Planet fame) posted the link to this extraordinary tidbit over on ModFab.

This track is from The Village People's 1985 album. A couple Stinky thoughts... First, it's interesting that, when the woman shows up, the guys start to spontaneously combust. Second, did the Army guy's phone have to be so big? Third, is it wrong to -- after all these years & all their cast changes -- to still find some of the Village People sorta totally hot?

'Spose that Little Lulu's pubescent thrill at the sight/sound/idea of the Village People still carries a kind of potency...

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criticlasm said...

um, yeah--not wierd. The only thing wierd is that there are women in this video at all. Or woman, actually. I don't really think that's who the leather guy was looking for. Love her hair, though.