Lulu's not quite Beyond the Valley of Distraction

Oh, lovely reader, it may have come time to abandon the idealistic notion of CouldaShouldaWoulda Wednesdays. Once again, StinkyLulu's become SlackerLulu when it comes to maintaining the parallel track for Supporting Actress Sundays. (Of course, it might be that -- while not without extraordinary performances -- more recent vintages like '96 don't offer the same in the way of appealingly unfamiliar terrain.) Hard to say... But then again, maybe it's not about the movies at all, maybe it's just that Lulu's in the distraction zone these days...

See, IF Lulu's agonna be distracted when work's s'posed to be proceeding apace, there are plenty of worthy distractions to go around. StinkyLulu really should be thinking about acquiring all kinds of gifts for the way so many birthdays this week. StinkyLulu really should be planning an appropriate tribute to PapaStinky for this Sunday. StinkyLulu really should be watching movies relevant to the book project or -- at the very least -- Supporting Actress Sunday. But -- no matter -- all StinkyLulu can really think about is how many camptastic DVDs are newly available for Lulu's greedy possession: Mommie Dearest (with commentary by John Waters), the 2nd season of Entourage (MrStinky's fave), tricked-out dvd version of The Stinkys' beloved Valley of the Dolls, and -- of course -- the glitteriest gem of them all:

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Finally on DVD.

Not quite a year ago, Lu commented on this flick & noted that BVD's the kind of film that requires a substantial respite between screenings...

But now, having read FourFour's pitch perfect appreciation of the dvd, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is pretty much all Lulu can think of...
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3

Lulu's just gonna try to keep hearing Petronella's voice as work is resumed for the next hour...

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