The 2006 Tony Awards -- StinkyLulu's Recap

Ahh. The Morning after the Tonys.
Totally amazing, totally appalling.
The perfect Tony blend.
All that plus some actual surprises. And some genuinely good entertainment to boot. And though it always makes StinkyLulu unjustifiably sad when "Best Musical" awards a show with no new music (especially when the twirly disc goes to what Lulu's bud Sheepdog years ago termed a "popsical") & when "Best Play" goes to a British import, the evening did have its share of moments to savor... (Now all Lulu has to do is find someone with a VHS recording of the awards to recover the 30 minutes smackdab in the middle where Lulu's vcr recorded something on VH1...)

Something’s always a touch tragic when the Tony broadcast exposes just how anxious the broadcast’s producers/network executives are about the “stars” of the Tony’s (not) being recognized by “The Average CBS Viewer.” Typically, the roster of presenters -- TV/Movie folk with Broadway pasts or big Broadway dreams – assuages this producerly anxiety. Occasionally, the host really solves this problem (ie. Lansbury in the ‘80s, O’Donnell in the ‘90s & Jackman in the ‘00s). But the 2006 broadcast indulged Tony’s self-esteem anxiety at a whole new level – transforming The Tony Awards into “The Name Dropper” Show. Exploiting the theme (“60 Years of Tony”), it seemed like every award got a laundry list intro of past winners. Just exhausting. And sorta sad.

Oh Harry.
Even Patti Lupone was yanking to find your "distinctive" rhythm. And how do you get your hair to make such a plump poof.

StinkyLulu just loves/loved Michael Jeter. Starting with seeing his performance in 1990's Grand Hotel and on and on. Just thinking of him makes Lulu so so happy & so soo sad. And while Lulu's forever loathe to endorse anything involving Jane Krakowski, Jeter's is perhaps the most heart-stomping speeches in Lulu's Tony memory.

Those kooky Canadians.
Always reliable for arcanely personal detail.

Genius. Truly excellent little montage, excerpting from at least three numbers while also giving an excellent vibe for the production. So so sorry not to be able to see this one... (Just love the little clarinet lady off to stage left.)

StinkyLulu loves the "draw-muh" too, Rosie.

Poor Molly Ringwald. Guess being trapped for time-everlasting in the gordian knot of '80s nostalgia would make one go a little cross-eyed.

The aforementioned Sheepdog commented -- after seeing the
the recent revival/thud, The Threepenny Opera -- that Lulu's beloved Cyndi "just looked out of place and lost" in it. Seeing her on the teevee, though, made Lulu think that Cyndi'd just rock a tv/movie musical. (Daresay it'd be better than even Björk.) A Lu can dream...

Ok. Happy for ya & all. Really. But that "baby in her belly" line. Ew. Sounds like that nastyfat character in the Austin Powers movies... And then the god stuff? Oh jeepers. Yes, your name is Christian but...do ya have to rub it in?

Ostensibly in tribute to Hal Prince's lifetime of achievement on Broadway, assorted Broadway Babies got to dress up in scenes from
Cabaret, Sweeney Todd and (as here) West Side Story, etcetera etcetera -- sort of like a "living mannequin" exhibit at an all-Broadway department store. Woulda been nice if they had sung a little or danced a little but, as 'twas, the whole thang sorta gave Lulu the creeps, like one of those old Vincent Price wax museum movies...

that's the way to work a Leslie Uggams moment: really, totally, insanely BIG hair. Cute too (better than that copper helmet you got going now, Les). Had to love the way La Uggams talked about Groucho Marx & all his "comedy schticks"...

Strike 2 for Jersey Boys doing really trippy family values speeches. While squinting. Happy for ya. Really. But by the end of that elliptical speech about dead & not-dead mothers & father-son struggles & 2 people alone in a room of 6000: well, let's just say -- Lulu'd starting to want to go all Sweeney on your ass, kid.

From this distance, it's hard to tell what's
NOT to just love about LaChanze...

Broadway producer types always look a little scary but everytime this guy trots up to snag a trophy -- it makes Lu giggle, in a half snarky, half skeeved way. He's like your friendly neighborhood Harley guy, the one with the guest room that's also a shrine to Ethel Merman. (Is this what big gay Uncle Tony actually looks like?)

Well. See ya next June.


Sheepdog said...

Ooh, my first shout-out! Thanks, StinkyLulu! Love, Sheepdog

par3182 said...

the highlight of the show was the "leslie uggams moment". i like to think it was a total shoutout to you.

my other fave moment was when patricia neal opened the best actress envelope, drawled "well....." and took so long to read the winner you could see lisa kron in her little square briefly thinking she might have pulled off the upset of the night.


How pretty is LaChanze anyway? Anybody that beautiful and with a one name moniker really oughta be in pictures.

kinda made me want to see a show I had no interest in.

yellojkt said...

Julia Robert's dress was pretty hot. And she seemed humble in a smug way.