To Dos Day

___ Item 1: SAY HI FOR ME.
StinkyLulu's got a new blogcrush: Silent-Porn-Star.

Do yourself a crazytime favor: don't miss this brilliant mashup. StinkyLulu's favorite movie of all time combined with StinkyLulu's favorite afterschool treat, circa 1976? ("Jan, that's TERRIFIC!" Bonus points to anyone who can name which fabulous 1973 animated classic that hostess girl starred in.) I just swoon. (via LadyBunny.)

StinkyLulu's new favorite site -- Stuff White People Like -- is chock full of enlightenment. Of particular relevance is an explanation #74, which details why some white people really love Oscar parties. And if you're interested in further nuances of whiteness, Racialicious points your attention to the interviews with the whitebrain behind Stuff White People Like at Assimilated Negro. As the whitest woman alive might say, good times.

Just checkin' to see if you're actually reading. I got nothing. Move along to #5..

The results are in for the BORN IN 1967 polling. Seems someone down under really wanted me to look at Macy Gray in 2005's Shadowboxer, and so 'tis. I hope to have time enough to look at least one or two other perfs from our 1967 babies (prolly one from the top 4, and maybe the one that's most piqued my curiosity): so if you were pulling for someone else there's still hope.

___ Item 6: GET READY.
My "donations" to Nathaniel's recent fundraiser (3 Supporting Actress Profiles as well as the "naming opportunity" for April's Smackdown) were "awarded" within 12 or so hours of their announcement. You go! Which means we have a few treats to look forward to. We're still sorting the details of the Supporting Profiles but, thanks to Patty Clarkson fan Chris Drew, we'll be able to lavish ourself with a special "overlooked" profile of Ms. Clarkson's turn as Olivia Harris in 2003's The Station Agent sometime in March. AND, thanks to the thoughtful and generous consideration of George, throughout April, we'll review actressing at the edges by Grace Kelly, Geraldine Page, Marjorie Rambeau, Donna Reed and Thelma Ritter -- or the Best Supporting Actresses of 1953. A truly excellent roster to kick off the 3rd (!) year of Supporting Actress Sundays. Of course, this also means we now know the year for our next "Born In" series. So, lovely reader, which 1953 babies do you like best for the next BORN IN contest? Please do share your suggestions -- actress and performance of the last 10 years -- in comments.

Have at it, lovelies!


your mom said...

Pamelyn Ferdin.

Dame James Henry said...

~Mary Steenburgen, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
~Isabelle Huppert, I Heart Huckabees
~Amy Irving Traffic
~Kim Basinger 8 Mile

your mom said...

Oops. SHE's not the fabulous 1973 animated classic. That would be Charlotte's Web. I should learn to read.

jakey said...

*Amy Irving in Carrie
*Seconding Kim Basinger in 8 Mile, since I figure Batman isn't exactly nom-worthy

criticlasm said...

OMG. Isabelle Huppert in ANYTHING. Love the I Heart Huckabees perf.

Nick Davis said...

How about:

Joanna Kerns (stealth Latina!) in Girl, Interrupted or Knocked Up
Isabelle Huppert in Heaven's Gate or 8 Women
Lynn Whitfield in Eve's Bayou
Kim Basinger in Prêt-à-Porter (lots more actressing at a lotta edges in that one)
Charlayne Woodard in The Crucible (Tituba!)
Kate Capshaw in Just Cause or Power or Black Rain
Mary Steenburgen in Sunshine State or What's Eating Gilbert Grape or The Dead Girl or Parenthood

Kevin5671 said...

They've gotta be from the last 10 years, right?
-Mary Steenburgen - Sunshine State
-Amy Irving - Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
-Isabelle Huppert - I Heart Huckabees (totally)
-Kim Basinger - 8 Mile
-Lynn Whitfield - Madea's Family Reunion
-Amy Hill - 50 First Dates
-Mindy Sterling - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Kinda slim pickins' for this year.

StinkyLulu said...

I'm inclined to limit it to the last 10 years (though we'll have to take it on a case by case).

But I am hearing an interesting core set of actresses:

Mary Steenburgen
Amy Irving
Lynn Whitfield
Isabelle Huppert
Kim Basinger

Could do worse...

Brooke Cloudbuster said...

It's a real shame Basinger for L.A Confidential would be out, but it is barely out.

But I totally second Huppert for I Heart Huckabees. Or in 8 Women!

Ooooh. Mary Steenbergen in The Brave One.

StinkyLulu said...

Actually, I wouldn't do Basinger's LA Confidential as part of a BORN IN thing because I'd like to use this feature to explore performances that MIGHT have been nominated, but weren't.

Rural Juror said...

you're a brave person if you're going to sit through Shadowboxer . . .

Ooooh! Do see High Fidelity. Lisa Bonet is undoubtedly a supporting performance in it, and she really is memorable.

I'll think up some nice 1953 people later.


Rural Juror said...

I'll repeat Kim Basinger in 8 Mile, Mindy Sterling in Austin Powers, and Amy Irving in Carrie

Also, Frances Conroy in Broken Flowers


thanks again for the fabulous gift!

as for born in 1953

what about?

Tracey Scoggins (Hellborn) ~ or is too much like what you had to do with the Razzie post ;)
Frances Conroy (Die Mommie Die)
Sylvia Chang (20 30 40 --which is about women at different ages or The Red Violin or anything else)
Arielle Dombasle (Vatel)

i'm just grasping at straws really... you gotta work in a tribute to Chaka Khan :)


i'm definitely behind HUPPERT in 8 Women --i loved her in that. i think Basinger in 8 Mile would be a great write up too.

Silent-Porn-Star said...

Thank ya kindly ;)

I'm notorious -- not just for my smut, but for not being a great leaver of comments. It's part of the masked-woman persona, I guess. But I wanted to say 'thanks' and 'right back at ya' :)