Moment of Zen - StinkyLulu Style

A quick revisiting of the moment that's singly sustained my spirits through a very grueling week...
How's about a caption contest?
Offer your suggestions in comments.


Brooke Cloudbuster said...

"Oh, shit. I'm dead. -So- dead."

John T said...

Ooh, fun:

Cate Blanchett: "I've still got one more for the night...I wonder if I can make another film during the commercial."

Ruby Dee: "I worked 70 f*@%ing years in this business, and I finally get nominated, and lose to a woman who gets BO in her movie?"

Saoirse Ronan: "I wonder which after-party Hannah Montana is going to?"

Amy Ryan: "Thank God, the cameraman figured out who I was and didn't scan to Laura Linney."

Tilda Swinton: "I suppose I should have written that speech last night instead of rereading Ivan Ilych."

Alan Arkin: "Rendition had Meryl Streep AND Jake Gyllenhaal-how could it have missed?"