Supporting Actress Sundays for August '07: 1971

The results are in from the voting for August's Supporting Actress Sundays. With nearly 46% of the 120something votes cast for this August, StinkyLulu and The Smackdowners will take on...

Supporting Actresses Smackdown for 1971:
Sunday, August 26.
Featuring an excellent Smackdown panel, full of new voices, including
As Little As Possible, Matt L, Middento,
Queering The Apparatus,
Rants of a Diva,
and Sarcasm With A Light Cream Sauce.
Hostessed of course by yours truly, StinkyLulu.

And in the meantime, be sure to vote for the overlooked 1971 film/performance
that you'd like to see StinkyLulu profile sometime this month.
click poster image for film info

Whoo-whee, off we go!!!!!


JS said...

Someday, I wish to be a Smackdowner.

Unfortunately, I've never been able to avail of a complete viewing of performances in any of the years so far. =(

StinkyLulu said...

Shoot me an email, JS.
Maybe we can problemsolve this...

John T said...

I haven't seen all of these perfs yet, but am willing to bet money that Stefania Sandrelli's turn in The Conformist should have been listed as amongst them, so I voted for The Conformist.

JS said...

Will do, thanks lulu.

Well I'm floored. I have never seen any of this month's Overlooked movies. =/

criticlasm said...

I'll watch all of them to comment, anyway ;p

And I'm totally for hearing your take on Glenda Jackson in the Boy Friend. What a fascinating group of overlooked movies--formally interesting kick off to the challenging 70s

Raybee said...

Yeah, for this year I've only seen Ann-Margret, Ellen Burstyn and Cloris Leachman.

Can't get my hands on Who is Harry Kellerman or The Go-Between

Raybee said...

As I see it so far:

1. Ellen Burstyn - The Last Picture Show
2. Cloris Leachman - The Last Picture Show
3. Ann-Margret - Carnal Knowledge

Nick Davis said...

I'm excited, too. I wasn't a fair audience member the one time I saw Last Picture Show (I was snoozy, and I don't think it was the film's fault), and I'm eager to revisit it. Never seen Harry Kellerman, and the other two movies are decidedly strange. I'll look forward to following this conversation!

JA said...

As much as I'd love to see you take on Jessica Walter in Play Misty For Me, I'm completely in love with The Conformist and neeeeeeeeeed it to win.

criticlasm said...

I had no idea that Sunday Bloody Sunday and the Boy Friend were the same year. I'm all about Glenda for this one.

Nick Davis said...

...and The Music Lovers, too, and Mary, Queen of Scots, too, in which Glenda the Good Witch wipes the floor with Vanessa Redgrave, in addition to having her character killed. 1971 was all about Glenda.

criticlasm said...

There should be a "recognized, but still somehow overlooked anyway" category. Or just "most busy".

RBurton said...

Leachman's Oscar win is definitely one of the most deserving ever, but I guess like most everybody else I haven't seen The Go-Between or Who's Harry Kellerman. I'll watch the latter this month though.

As for overlooked 1971 films, Sunday Bloody Sunday is about as brilliant as they come.