"Lazy Sh*ts" (PhotoQuote Thursday)

from Rate Your Students
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I really don't mean to be Mister Crabbypants but...welcome to my world.

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While apt, posting the previous photoquote left me feeling a little evil. Said sense of evil abated slightly when, reading a local freebie rag, I encountered the following statement by a high school teacher (who recently got caught in the crosshairs of a lame media storm). Her zen clarity is one to which I aspire...

Albuquerque Public Schools' English Teacher Anita Forte
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(Can you tell school starts in 11 days?)


criticlasm said...

I am amazed that a new high school hasn't opened since 1987. La Cueva is that last? That's crazy. And that was just to ease pressure on El D & Del N, right? With all that Albuquerque has grown in 20 years, that's rather stupendous.

StinkyLulu said...

LaCueva opened to ease the pressure of northward development (the severe Northeast heights). But there's been nothing to ease the explosion west. There have been at least two new high schools in Rio Rancho, which became an independent district about 10 years ago. But nothing for all the folks at or beyond Coors.

What's interesting is that they've actually talked about closing Sandia because enrollment's way down in that part of the NE heights. Meanwhile, Cibola's enrollment has topped 3000.

APS is just crazy.