StinkyLulu Answers 5 Questions from He Thinks He's A God

Lo some many many weeks ago StinkyLulu was just thrilled to receive an especially challenging set of 5 Questions from JS/Aerien of He Thinks He's A God. Took long enough though to work up worthy answers...so, with no further ado, here are the results...

He Thinks He's A God (L) asked StinkyLulu (R)...
1. Obviously you love the questions and EVERYONE in the INDUSTRY (whichever you choose) has sent your favorite person to interview you. Your interview couch is ready but the interviewer in not yet there plus they're still touching you up. You remember those youthful sessions of asking yourself those important, silly question you'd just love everyone to ask you. So, what is the most interesting question you'd love to be asked and what is the dullest question you'd love to be asked?

It can be challenging to meet such expectations (as the delay for this post indicates). But if Rosie called, or Meredith, or Anderson, or Olbermann, or Phil, or even the Chenbot, I'd get most ready for the following questions, as both the most interesting and the dullest questions are among the most obvious....

Why, StinkyLulu, have you made a blog's life work of "actressing at the edges"? (I could probably go on about this for days, weeks, months, years...)

What is your position, StinkyLulu, on the notorious "Supporting Actress Curse" that plagues the winners of your beloved category? (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate this one...)

2: It seems that talking about food is becoming a requirement in order to get noticed and be granted an audience with the ruler of the realm of Lulu, so here it is: Who deserves to be pelted with a grilled cheese sandwich for having bad taste?

Being pelted with grilled cheese seems almost like manna from heaven. So, I'm agonna adjust the premise a smidge along the lines of an episode in the new Harry Potter. In The Deathly Hallows, there's a section where the gang is somewhere they're not supposed to be and, every time they touch something they're not supposed to, that object becomes searingly hot and multiplies. Before long, of course, the gang's swamped in sweltering objects.

Along those lines, I'd love to place StinkyLulu's special "FERVENS FROMAGIUS!" curse on a few folks' especially offensive behavior. See, StinkyLulu's Fervens Fromagius curse fills the offending one's underpants with hot cheese and greasy bread at any occurence of the accursed behavior. So, every time Donald Trump bullied someone just to get some more camera time, every time Bill O'Reilly lied, every time Ann Coulter did the idiot provocateur shtick, every time Alberto Gonzales deliberately dissembled the truth, every time Paris Hilton whined... their underpants would begin to fill with scalding cheese and greasy crust!

Good times.

3: Since we're getting violent, soooo many books listed, which book from your collection would you personally sacrifice so that it can spiritually carry your sentiments, travel and enter the sensibility of someone in order to help or destroy their career??

In my dreams, Michael Bay and Brett Ratner and Stephen Spielberg and Ron Howard and the like would be held individually hostage by John Waters who would force them to read The Complete Plays of Charles Ludlam. Aloud. Portraying all the roles with the appropriate fervor and zest. Committing entire speeches, scenes, plays to memory. Then, Waters would quiz them viciously. Their release would be contingent on their ability to recite a designated Ludlam scene from memory, their verifiable appreciation of the Ludlam ouevre, and their promise to use a Ludlam scenario as the basis for their next blockbuster. Dunno if this would solve all our cinematic problems, but 'twould definitely be a beginning...

4: We love you for instigating Supporting Actress Sundays. Any chance we can alternate each month between our girls and boys in the background?


Such a project would be infinitely worthy. And I would love to collaborate with the brave blogging fangirl best suited for such an endeavor. But StinkyLulu's plate is full to brimming with the deliciousness of Supporting Actressness for some time. Indeed, at the current rate, we've got Supporting Actress Sundays booked through sometime in 2013...

5. Go on, go on, the reporter is here but they sent you the dullest one! Answer the least interesting question you listed as an answer for question one: What is your position, StinkyLulu, on the notorious "Supporting Actress Curse" that plagues the winners of your beloved category?

The so-called "Supporting Actress Curse" is an utter crock. Every Oscar category boasts winners who've lapsed nearly immediately into obscurity or irrelevance or career hell upon receiving a trophy, so why pick on the Supporting Actresses? In my considered opinion, the so-called "Supporting Actress Curse" is simply a lame journalistic template used by entertainment writers who are bored of award shows or who want to get a teensy bit edgy. It provides a perfect formula for a Oscar-season puff piece, loaded as it is with trivia for the gobbling pleasure of award fiends, while also providing a platform for banal critiques of whether the big night helps or hurts a career. What's most noxious to me, though, about the so-called "Supporting Actress Curse" specifically is how it conceptually depends on a tacit, unapologetic misogyny -- as if the spotty careers of some Supporting Actress winners had only to do with their trophy, and not the industry's hostility to formidable women (especially younger ones) and general unwillingness to create substantial female roles or create a comparable range of opportunities for women as the industry does for men. The so-called "Supporting Actress Curse" is BS, plain and simple, no matter what Marcia Gay says.

BONUS*** Obviously you are appreciated but a 0 comments for an entry can be dispiriting. How important are they for you?

Comments are great. One or two really dynamic comment threads recently have truly fortified my occasionally lagging confidence that Supporting Actress Sundays/Smackdowns are a worthwhile project. But, really, ya can't get too hung up on comments. 'Tis hard, because comments are really where you start to make blogfriends, but you're better writing about what you really care about than writing to instigate comments, I think. That said, few things on StinkyLulu brighten my end-of-week more than a comment or two on a "Homo Heritage" or "PhotoQuote" post. And, yes, I am going to try to keep developing interesting questions/topics for future To Dos Day posts...

Thanks, JS! 'Twas a delight - sorry 'took so long!


newland said...

The infamous Best Supporting Actress Curse pisses me off too! The highly disinformed people who talk about this are obviously looking at the wrong people, and seem to think that winning an Oscar is a kind of miracle.

I wouldn't say winning a Supporting Actress Oscar hurt the careers of Judi Dench or Cate Blanchett. People tend to forget that Meryl Streep began her brilliant career with two consecutive Supporting Actress noms and a win. And so on, and on, and on.

When people talk about this mention the names of Brenda Fricker or Mira Sorvino. Fricker was a foreign actress of a certain age who hadn't done so many films to start with. She was hardly headed to stardom, Oscar or no Oscar. Sorvino was an unknown except for being the daughter of a character actor. Hadn't worked much either. She won an Oscar for a Woody Allen film people didn't go to see. She was in a better position for a career change, but it never happened. But this was obviously Oscar's fault.

Geena Davis won an Oscar and did "Thelma and Louise" a few years later. What a curse! Whoopi Goldberg became a box office phenomenon. Angelina Jolie a superstar. And so on and on and on. People should have a look at other categories and see that winning an Oscar never made a star out of Jim Broadbent or Chris Cooper. Hey, even a double Best Actress winner like Hilary Swank has made exclusively crappy films other than Million Dollar Baby or Boys don't cry.

So I wish people stopped talking about a curse that never existed.


i dunno. you know i love the actresses at the edge too... and this is without informed comparative research but i think it's possible (again without looking) that more actresses crash and burn after a win than actors.

and this is not about the actresses i think but about what you said about the lack of good roles AND i think also the Academy tendency to honor ingenues in this category. You don't see a lot of young men winning Oscars.

if young men won oscars with regularity the "curse" however misogynistic it may be in its present form would apply to them too...


... sorry didn't finish my thought.

because as it stands now they don't usually expect the actresses to prove themselves before they're willing to reward them (anna paquin, jennifer hudson and many more) whereas with supporting actor doesn't it seem to be a place to reward hardworking or enduring performers (chris cooper, jim broadbent, etc...)

just my thoughts on it.

StinkyLulu said...

I think we basically agree on much of what contributes to the phenomenon often called "Supporting Actress Curse" - yet, I still feel the appeal of the phrase/concept is rooted in a basically misogynist premise (female performances don't require skill or training or experience, at least not so much as male perfs). It's a way of cutely explaining away the basic disregard for actresses and female representation in the movie industry. Just talk about the ways an Oscar burdens an actor's career, don't marginalize the topic by landing it on Supporting Actresses. Put Mira Sorvino and Marisa Tomei in a column with Adrien Brody, Cuba Gooding Jr, Timothy Hutton, Marlee Matlin, Roberto Benigni, Helen Hunt and the like. Then, we'll see what the appropriate name for the phenomenon is...

(If there is a Supporting Actor Curse, it's more of the "we're so impressed you're not dead yet, here's hoping you last until the ceremony" variety.)