Happy Boom Boom Day.

The Alberto Ramella image above features performer Misstress Formika -- NM native, drag goddess extraordinaire, and high school friend of StinkyLulu. The complexity of the image conveys some of StinkyLulu's contradictory feelings on this holiday.

On this 4th of July:
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stinky --i didn't know you were friends with Misstress Formika. love the mistress...

and hear you on the contradictory feelings

StinkyLulu said...

I haven't seen Misstress in 10 years maybe, but yeah -- we ran in the same circle during high school. Though Mistress ran a lot more fabulously.

One version of the story has Misstress's first public appearance in full drag happening at my 16th birthday party. (M arrived to my doorstep in full Cher with another friend as Divine in tow. They were preparing to premiere at an after hours club later that night & my sweet sixteen was their out of town tryout.) I lived in the sticks so they had to maneuver a gravel driveway and happy dobermans to get to the door. My parents were pretty astonished by the whole spectacle.

My favorite tidbit: The only time M and I shared the stage was in our sophomore year production of Inherit The Wind in which M played the local evangelical preacher... M's fire and brimstone was perhaps my first live glimpse of "fierce."