StinkyLulu's 2007 "Year At The Movies" Sketchbook

The following list is a work in process, which StinkyLulu intends to update as cinematic events warrant. Please do not mistake this list's contents for prognostication, divination, or prophecy. No claims are made for this list's coherence, comprehensiveness, objectivity or relevance. All listed opinions belong to StinkyLulu alone & are thus subject to frequent, impetuous change...
Best Supporting Actress
Best Actress
• Julie Christie - Away From Her
• Angelina Jolie - A Mighty Heart
Jennifer Lopez - El Cantante
Best Supporting Actor
• Andy Griffith - Waitress
Irfan Khan - A Mighty Heart/The Namesake
Best Actor
Who's That Girl?
• Archie Panjabi - A Mighty Heart
• Kristen Thomson - Away From Her
Who's That Guy?
• Ebon Moss-Bachrach - Evening
Latina Performances Worth Remembering
Jennifer Lopez - El Cantante
Latino Performances Worth Remembering
Marc Anthony - El Cantante
Most Interesting Movie of the Year
• Gypsy Caravan
Most Interesting Movie About Movies
• Grindhouse
Most Interesting Movie About Race
Most Interesting Movie About Sexuality
Most Interesting Movie About Addiction
You Kill Me
Mr. Brooks
El Cantante
Best Seriously Funny Movie
Most Interesting Genre Experiment
Hot Fuzz
Most Brilliant Failure
Freakiest Movie
Queerest Movie
StinkyLulu's Favorite GirlCrush'07
• Vanessa Ferlito - Grindhouse
Stinkylulu's Favorite BoyCrush'07

* * * * *

And don't don't don't don't don't you forget about...

Sarah Polley - Away From Her - Screenplay/Director
Adrienne Shelley - Waitress - Screenplay
Hot Fuzz - General Coolness/Year's Funniest

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