Supporting Actress Sundays for June '07: 1978

The results are in from the voting for June's Supporting Actress Sundays. With nearly two thirds of the 100+ votes cast for this June, StinkyLulu and The Smackdowners will take on...

Supporting Actresses Smackdown for 1978:
Sunday, June 24.
Featuring veteran Smackdowners Ken & Tim,
welcoming newbies Goatdog & AdamW,
hostessed by yours truly, StinkyLulu.
Save the date!

Whoo-whee, off we go!!!!!


RBurton said...

I'm so excited to take part. I rewatched The Deer Hunter yesterday. '78 is definitely my favorite Supporting Actress category of the decade.

- Adam

newland said...

Haven't seen Penelope Milford, but the rest are outstanding. A great year which will surely result in a great smackdown. Good Luck for Maggie Smith!