Supporting Actress Sundays for July '07: 1988

The results are in from the voting for July's Supporting Actress Sundays. With nearly 40% of the 100+ votes cast for this July, StinkyLulu and The Smackdowners will take on...

Supporting Actresses Smackdown for 1988:
Sunday, July 29.
Featuring an all-star Smackdown panel, including
Ken, Nathaniel, Nick, Brad, Newland &
welcoming Keith!
Hostessed of course by yours truly, StinkyLulu.
Save the date!

Whoo-whee, off we go!!!!!


Raybee said...

Cool. It's a good lineup.

StinkyLulu said...

I love this line-up too. With the possible exception of Sigourney who was pretty established, each of these women was an emerging or rising star at the time of this nomination and each has since sustained an extraordinarily interesting career.

Question: Is this this Sigourney's first real notice as a comedic actress?

Raybee said...

Probably. She was in Ghostbusters in 1984, but she was more the straight women in that one. She had no real comedic moments. She was the yin to Bill Murray's yang.

Raybee said...

Also I can't wait to see what Joan Cusack's screentime is. She's in it very little.

Other years I look forward to you guys doing is 1959 (Hermione Baddeley supposedly has only 3 minutes of screentime in Room at the Top), 1976 (to see once and for all what Beatrice Straight's actual screentime is) and 1969, Sylvia Miles is also in Midnight Cowboy very little.

John T said...

If Sigourney ever gets another nomination, this will be one of those rare Best Supporting Actress lineups where all of the nominees went on to get another nomination.