Tuesday To Do List

Golly. It feels like Lulu's got so much to do today.
So, in the event that there's no new post a poppin' from Lu's pooped noggin, here are some things that you might do to entertain yourself...

• Check out the brand new (as of yesterday) StinkyMobile.
Ramon -- StinkyLu's beloved wheels for the last decade -- started to fall expensively to pieces in the last few weeks. 'Twas time. Spontaneous huge purchase & loan contract, but necessary. The whole thing just wiped Lulu out... The color? "Storm Silver Metallic."

• Vote for Modern Fabulousity in the Gay Blog Deathmatch.
You can vote for the whole roster if you like, but the surveymonkey doesn't block you from only voting for the glory of ModFab. So go vote for Modern Fabulousity. Now.

• Pray that Jordin, Stephanie & The Sligh don't suck.
You can also see to it that any one of those three sing first or last on tonight's show. Or you can make any of the remaining 11 sing a song by Heart or Burt Bacharach. And of course you can set your speed dial for any/all of StinkyLulu's chosen three. Momma's tracking those ponies!

• Watch a really old movie & prepare a post on it for
Dare ya. What are ya scared? Come on. All the cool kids are doin' it. Won't your mommy let ya? I promise you'll like it...

• Tell StinkyLulu which Overlooked Performance to watch for Sunday's Supporting Actress '94.
Crooklyn? Heavenly Creatures? Exotica? Vanya on 42nd Street? Go Fish? To Die For? Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle? When A Man Loves A Woman? Nobody's Fool? Little Women? Serial Mom? Reality Bites? Ed Wood? Road to Wellville?
Tell Lulu what to do in comments.

That should keep you busy, lovely reader...
at least for a few.


par3182 said...

that's a lot of overlooked goodness. my faves -

sarah pierce - heavenly creatures
brooke smith - vanya on 42nd street
juliet landau - ed wood

your mom said...

how 'bout Trini Alvarado or your friend Claire in Little Women...

and wow, new car. smell you.

Ortzicastro said...
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Ortzicastro said...

Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the vampire, no contest.

But, uh, also Claire Danes and Susan Sarandon in Little Women.


wow 94 has so many goodies.

i'd second PIERCE in Heavenly Creatures

but would also love something about any of these three:
Sarah Jessica Parker in Ed Wood (lurve that performance)
Tina Majorino in When A Man Loves a Woman (i'm serious. great stuff)
Virna Lisi in Queen Margot (one of the most evil performances i've ever seen)

joyousabundance said...

Love, Love, Love your new car!! OMG. Terri.

Scott said...

I think Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the Vampire and Virna Lisi in Queen Margot are great ideas. Though I'd also be quite interested in seeing you do Illeana Douglas in To Die For (love her, love the movie, love her in the movie ...).

mistyh92104 said...

A few other overlooked perfs from '94:

Alberta Watson in "Spanking the Monkey"
Glynis Johns in "The Ref"
Glenn Close in "The House of the Spirits"?

And, Scott, I agree with you on the Ileana factor; she's so good. But that "To Die For" was released in '95. The '94 "To Die For" is a different movie.

StinkyLulu said...

Dang: all this is making me all the more frustrated that 1994 didn't get the votes for April. (Fie upon the democratic process.)

And, though I won't be writing up Lil Kiki (sorry), if I DO get to any others of these welcome recommendations, I will write 'em up for y'all. Thanks.

(I'm embarrassed to admit I've still never seen Heavenly Creatures.)