Ivy - The Squirrel Chaser (Do The Next Right Thing Mondays)

Over the weekend, StinkyLulu got word that Ivy -- the beloved canine companion of Lu's dear gradschool bud, Sheepdog -- was able to peacefully shake loose of her earthly tethers and get on with chasing squirrels in the great beyond.

Missus Sheepdog writes that Ivy "had been diagnosed with inoperable tumors in November... We were so happy to have her with us these last three months. During this time, she did all of her favorite activities: chasing squirrels (slower than usual), playing tag with me (again slower than usual), exploring the forest, rolling in gloriously stinky stuff (glorious to her, not to us!), eating egg and hamburger, napping, and snuggling. She died very peacefully while being stroked and comforted..."

StinkyLulu remembers meeting Ivy once or twice. She weren't too sure about the menfolk. But, once during quilting, Ivy ended up making friends with my feet. Later, Ivy didn't seem too pleased to realize those new Stinky feet friends were attached to Lulu but StinkyLu was glad to have enjoyed the fleeting encounter, nonethe...

So in honor of Ivy, lovely reader, take a moment to share some love with your favorite critters. Nuzzle that big dog of yours. Pet that adorable pussy. Feed the fish already. Then click the logo at right, and click again on the big purple button to contribute just a smidge to animal rescue efforts....

StinkyLulu's off to chase a squirrel or two. For Ivy.

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Sheepdog said...

Oh, Lulu, I'm so touched by this. Thank you.