To Do List Tuesdays

___ Item 1:
IMAGINE the glory of Nathaniel's NY Stage Debut.

See reports at The Film Experience and Modern Fabulousity.

___ Item 2:
TIME-TRAVEL back to 1927.

Rummage through the generosity of the posts at GoatDog's 1927 Blogathon. S'all real good, but Lu 'specially enjoyed Hell on Frisco Bay's riff on categories at the first Oscars.

___ Item 3:
RECITE "You make me uncomfortable with your words."

Still think college teaching might be fun? Meditate on this missive from a disgruntled student. Alas, StinkyLulu's never gotten such an impassioned complaint... Something to aspire to, perhaps?
___ Item 4:
MEDITATE on the stark unprettiness of ANTM Cycle 7.
Dionne says it best (visit FourFour, please)....

___ Item 5:
SPECULATE on what Kelly Wearstler will wear this week.

Truly. The ONLY reason to watch Top Design is to see Ms. Wearstler... Want proof? Exhibit A. (But the Fug girls miss the fact that the t-shirt was SEWN to the prom dress). Exhibit B. (I love that looks like she's lead in an 80s All-Stripper version of Les Mis or Drood. And Exhibit C. (This is the look that just makes StinkyLulu's heart sing...fergit wheres I stole the photo, sorrys.)

___ Item 6:
NOMINATE your fave RealityTV competitor for 2007.

Lulu is a total whore this season, tracking ANTM7, Survivor, Idol and Top Design. Not to mention Dancing With The Stars, The Amazing Race and Australia's Next Top Model. Did I miss any? Crazy. So... Fess up, fellow freaks. Who do you love/loathe/crush for Spring '07?

Have at it, lovelies...

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