5 Stinky Thoughts on the 64th Golden Globes

After a long day of semester prep, settled in for a bit of Golden Globing. But alas. Not too entertaining... So rather than offer some tributary ode or some blow by blow account (see my post-nomination post for Lulu's thoughts on the Supporting Actresses), please accept the following...

5 Stinky Thoughts on
the 64th Golden Globes

Thought #1:
Sometimes the Mountain Time Zone Just Sucks.

Being 2 hours behind (and 1 hour ahead) of the real Time Zones sometimes really messes with StinkyLulu's mind. See, tonight, Lulu tuned into the broadcast just as it was starting, and then clicked over to ModFab's Live Chat -- only to discover that the dang thing had already been on for an hour. (We Mountaineers had a tape-delay.) Which shouldn't be a problem but. Even the most innocent clicks around the interweb revealed all. And then with so many of the awards seemingly predetermined? Well. Not a single un-spoilered surprise. Which really took the wind out of StinkyLulu's awards-loving soul... Sad, sad, so sad.

Thought #2:
Latin Cutaways.

If Lulu drank, a perfect drinking game would be "The Latin Cutaway." Sip whenever the director cuts to a Latin celebrity for a reaction shot. Gulp when it's a Latin+Latin shot (as when they cut to Eva Longoria as America Ferrera accepted her award). Two gulps when it's a double whammy Latin shot (meaning as when they cut to America during Jennifer Hudson's acceptance speech - chubby girls of color in da house!) The Latin Cutaway was frankly the only sustainingly entertaining aspect of tonight's globes.

Thought #3:
Who Boiled David Geffen?

The man looked like a steamed kosher frank.

Thought #4:
Who's Scarier?

StinkyLulu will ever love Vanessa Williams. But that shrub on the back of her head tonight was just cumbersome. Looked all like a really long running bus'n'truck of Deena Jones. And then there's the generally terrifying Sharon Stone. No wonder The Gilded Moose is so scared.

Thought #5:
Meryl Gives Good Speech.
Streep's award-show dither schtick provides such a niftily humanizing contrast to her actorly precision. If it weren't enough of a treat to watch the woman act, it'd almost be worth giving MissMeryl prizes just to hear what she'd say. Ever politically astute, humble and funny.

That's all.

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