Supporting Actress Blogathon - The Class of 2008

Here at StinkyLulu, we observe an annual tradition wherein we extol the many supporting actresses who captured our imaginations, our hearts, and our fancies in the cinematic year of 2008. Some are already serious contenders for this year's trophy; all deserve another look.

StinkyLulu's Tribute to
Actressing at the Edges in 2008

The 3rd Annual
Supporting Actress Blogathon!

Scroll down for appreciations of all kinds of actressing.
35 performances honored in 39 posts from 36

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...the Supporting Actresses
of 2008 are...

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Hiam Abbass in The Visitor (Modern Fabulousity, The Screen Zone)
Amy Adams in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Electronic Cerebrectomy)
Hannah Bailey in American Teen (As Little As Possible)
Kathy Bates in Revolutionary Road (A Blog Next Door)
Sarah Brightman in REPO! The Genetic Opera
(The Performance Review)

Penélope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona (Alex in Movieland,
All About My Movies)

Kristen Davis in Sex and the City (StinkyLulu)
Viola Davis in Doubt (The Evening Class)
Emmanuelle Devos in A Christmas Tale (Victim of the Time,
And Your Little Blog Too)

Rosemarie Dewitt in Rachel Getting Married (The Film Experience)
EVE in Wall•E (The Film Experience)
Vera Farmiga in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Your Movie Buddy)
Ari Graynor in Nick and Nora's Infinited Playlist (999 Millibars)
Judy Greer in 27 Dresses (Fortissimo)
Angelina Jolie in Wanted (aerien)
Rinko Kikuchi in The Brothers Bloom (Popcorn and Cigarettes)
Frances McDormand in Burn After Reading (Strange Culture)
Samantha Morton in Synecdoche, New York (my new plaid pants)
Mary-Kate Olsen in The Wackness (Cargo Cult)
Julia Ormond in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
(The Rural Juror)

Gina Pareño in Serbis (RascO Ledger)
Candela Peña in Los Años Desnudos (Cine Latino)
Natalie Portman in Blueberry Nights (Valley Dreamin',
The Performance Review)

Susan Sarandon in Speed Racer (The Silver Screening Room)
Ann Savage in My Winnipeg (Octopus Cinema)
Mary Steenburgen in Stepbrothers (Adrift in New York)
Tilda Swinton in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Stale Popcorn)
Olivia Thirlby in The Wackness (Ultimate Addict)
Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Rants of a Diva)
Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler (The Evening Class)
Cantinca Untaru in The Fall (films)
Rachel Weisz in Blueberry Nights (Valley Dreamin')
Diane Wiest in Synecdoche, New York (when i look deep in your eyes)
Kristen Wiig in Ghost Town (As Little As Possible)
Michelle Williams in Synecdoche, New York (Low Resolution)

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And if you notice that someone's been left out of this tribute to The Class of 2008,
just whip up a profile on your own blog and send it on in!

The Class of 2008 NatReel


Douglas Racso said...

just in case you dont receive my mail hehehe here is mine


Gina Pareno for "Serbis"


Stinky you've done it again. It's such an interesting compilation of names with something for everyone.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

yay! i'm so glad i did onw. it's so exciting to be a part of this!

Douglas Racso said...

finally i made it this year! last year my entry was way too late hehehe

Glenn said...

Wow. Not a single repeated performance!


actually there's three repeats: CRUZ, PORTMAN and DEVOS

but still 33 women covered. that's pretty cool. The only Oscar possibility that didn't get a mention was Kate Winslet (really a lead), Taraji P Henson (probably nominee) and Debra Winger (longshot)

StinkyLulu said...

Hiam Abbass also got two bids.

RC said...

what a great blog-a-thon. I'm proud to have participated in the this the past 3 years...what an intersting list it has created this year!