Rob Lowe's a Bad Influence, or a Different Side of StinkyLulu

It's more than likely that you haven't seen the 1990 Califor-noir Curtis Hanson film, Bad Influence. Nonetheless, I thought you might enjoy some of the queerish screencaps included in my post on the film over at Film Of The Month Club. Alas, as I was composing my post, I couldn't figure out where to put Rob Lowe's heinie. So, lovely reader, as my Friday afternoon gift to you, I offer you the pleasure of Rob Lowe's bottom to do with as you please.
"I didn't make you do anything that wasn't in you already."


Cal said...

I think I'm a bit young for Rob Lowe. I know he has this hottie status but I've only seen him in Brothers and Sisters, where he isn't too exciting.

Nice ass though from what I can see.

Anonymous said...

Stinky, what a glorious way to start my weekend. I realize that this "different side" is not a regular feature of your site, but the cinema blogosphere is desperately in need of more skin, so this contribution can't be overpraised. I guess there's no hope for a regular feature? ;-) Vintage bootie of the stars?