To Dos Day

One of my all-time favorite blog features was a little thing called "Mug Shot Monday" - a curiously fascinating Monday morning confabulation of mug shot marvels, culled from the weekend arrest reports from somewhere in the northern rockies. The selections ran the gamut from "hummanahummana" to "oh the humanity" and were, quite simply, routinely thrilling. I've pined for "Mug Shot Mondays" in the months (years?) since the fellow retired his blog, so imagine my delighted surprise to discover that both he and Mug Shot Mondays are back, making my Mondays better than ever.

___ Item 2: OVERLOOKED in 1953.
As the days flit past, I must admit that I will likely be unable to develop a new "overlooked" profile for 1953. (Though, fear not, I remain committed to doing the "Born In" profile that y'all selected.) So, in honor of the overlooked, I direct your attention to a profile I developed some time ago for a most excellent 1953 performance: Carolyn Jones in The House of Wax.

StinkyLulu was pleased to adventure beyond the singular purview of supporting actressness by screening Kathryn Bigelow's fascinating film Near Dark (1987) and participating in Final Girl's Film Club for the month of April. Even if you're not a horror fan, it's a great film and a fun event. Be sure to check out the contributions over at Final Girl.

Yes, I'll keep padding "To Dos Day" with this announcement until I have a second to comb through the contributions thus far. So, yes, I'm still contemplating a miniature Supporting Actresses version Nathaniel's 2nd annual Actress Psychic Contest. If you would like to play Supporting Actress prognosticator, please do consider joining up. Nathaniel's even posted his April Fool's predictions for the category to help y'all out. I'll run a real contest if I get 25+ folks (we're barely into double digits now) interested in playing. To indicate your interest, shoot me a quick email and tell me your top 6 picks for Best Supporting Actress 2008, with a bonus/tie-breaker of your most likely Razzie nominee. (For those of you who have already submitted, thanks & look for some followup in the next weeks.)

___ Item 5: SMACKDOWN - 1953!
Don't forget to click back this Sunday for 1953's Smackdown, featuring Whip Smart, Ken, Adam and possibly one other.

___ Item 6: DIED IN 1999?
For May, StinkyLulu & The Smackdowners will be devoting their attention to 1999. Which presents something of an conundrum for the new "Born In" feature... I have identified a handful of moppets (Elle Peterson, Brooklyn Proulx, Hope Fogle, Alessandra Daniele and China Anderson) with potentially eligible performances (respectively -- North Country, ...Coward Robert Ford, The Kingdom, The Hottie and the Nottie, and the ouevre of Tyler Perry). But Criticlasm raises an interesting alternative: instead of doing a "Born In" profile for more contemporary years, perhaps rounding the circle of life with a "Died In" profile? So, lovely reader, which of your favorite supporting actresses shuffled off this mortal coil in 1999? And which performance would you recommend as a fitting memorial? Please do share your suggestions in comments.

Have at it, lovelies!


Rural Juror said...

Hmmm . . . 1999 doesn't seem to be a very, erm, good year for deaths. But Madeline Kahn in ANYTHING is definitely worth it. My vote is for Clue or Paper Moon.

JS said...

Madeline Kahn in anything is right.

I'll add Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety and What's Up Doc? to the potential list.

Darn. Unimaginative but the poll might end up with her name for all the choices.

StinkyLulu said...


In addition to Kahn, there are 3 other supporting actress nominees who died in 1999 and I've identified at least 12 interesting performers/performances that fit the criteria.

I'm tempted to just pick a Kahn performance to review, and then run voting among the others...


i think that's a good idea.

cuz Kahn is going to win anyway.

Rural Juror said...

HAHA! Sylvia Sidney in Mars Attacks

whip-smart said...

We should do 1979 sometime this year, if only for the INCREDIBLE slate of possible 'Born In...' candidates, which include:

Rosamund Pike, in "The Libertine"
Du-Na Bae, in "Linda Linda Linda"
^ Two absolutely excellent performances.

Rose Byrne in "The Rage in Placid Lake", "The Dead Girl" or "Troy"
Jennifer Carpenter, in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"
Elaine Cassidy, in "And When Did You Last See Your Father?"
Lynn Collins, in "The Merchant of Venice"
Rachael Leigh Cook, in "Scorched"
Claire Danes, in "Little Woman", "The Family Stone" or "To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday"
Rosario Dawson, in "Rent", "Sin City", "Kids" or "Death Proof"
Sanoe Lake, in "Blue Crush"
Alison Lohman, in "Matchstick Men"
Natasha Lyonne, in "America Brown"
Katie Lyons, in "Boy A"
Jayma Mays, in "Red Eye"
Tuva Novotny, in "Bang Bang Orangutang"
Rosamund Pike, in "Pride & Prejudice"
Sarah Polley, in "The Sweet Hereafter"
Sara Rue, in "A Slipping-Down Life"
Ludivine Sagnier, in "Swimming Pool", "8 Women" or "The Secret"
Mena Suvari, in "American Beauty"
Ziyi Zhang, in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" or "2046"

I'm torn between whether I would vote for Pike or Bae.

I was actually really bored a few weeks ago so I looked all this up.

criticlasm said...

I love the Kahn idea, though you did profile her in 1974. The interesting thing might be to do her first big perf in "What's up, Doc?", or her last major one in "Judy Berlin", which was release in '99. I recall loving her in that, and it being a real departure for her.

Middento said...

Madeline Kahn is the obvious choice, and a good one. But have you done Peggy Cass from Auntie Mame? Silvia Sidney would be great as well, although I prefer Beetlejuice to Mars Attacks!

For a truly obscure choice, you could do worse than Buñuel perennial Muni. But maybe only I would get her. ;)