To Dos Day

___ Item 1: TRY -- IF YOU DARE.
Just try to determine WHO WORE IT BEST -- perhaps my most favoritest thing on the interwebs these days.
___ Item 2: PAUSE.
To contemplate the legacy of StinkyLulu's least favorite actor ever: Charlton Heston. Normally, I find it easy to sign on to a generalize human moment of respect but this one proved a challenge. So, I defer to these two very different but excellent memorials posted by two of StinkyLulu's enduring blogcrushes, Deus Ex Malcontent and The Self-Styled Siren. If, like me, you weary easily when pretending to be a good person, join me in my appreciation of Low Resolution's concise, precise take and then contemplate the possibilities of this excellent picture.

___ Item 3: MEET ASHLEY'S DAD.
For those of you civilians, welcome to the unanticipated delights of an academented life and please enjoy this three part parable: Ashley, Ashley's Dad, and The Case of Ashley's Ungrateful Professor.
Yes, I'm still beating the drum. And, yes, I'm I'm still contemplating a miniature Supporting Actresses version Nathaniel's 2nd annual Actress Psychic Contest. If you would like to play Supporting Actress prognosticator, please do consider joining up. Nathaniel's even posted his April Fool's predictions for the category to help y'all out. I'll run a real contest if I get 25+ folks (we're barely into double digits now) interested in playing. To indicate your interest, shoot me a quick email and tell me your top 6 picks for Best Supporting Actress 2008, with a bonus/tie-breaker of your most likely Razzie nominee. (For those of you who have already submitted, thanks & look for some followup in the next weeks.)

___ Item 5: VOTE FOR MAY.
With the new season of Supporting Actress Sundays with the first post devoted to 1953's Supporting Actressness, and with the "Born In 1953" subject chosen, it's time for a new cycle of voting -- this time for a year from a more recent era of Supporting Actress, 1997-2005. Yes, yes, yes, it's true - after much wheedling and needling, StinkyLulu's finally lifted the "previous decade" moratorium for this month only and the choice is yours. And there's also fascinating conversation roiling (not to mention a few surprising disclosures from yours truly) roiling over in comments.

___ Item 6: OVERLOOKED IN 1953?
We haven't yet discussed which actresses at the edges were overlooked in 1953. I doubt I'll have the seconds to devote to an extra profile (though a little birdie has hinted that Ken might pitch in) but I am interested to hear your "nominations" for the best overlooked Supporting Actresses of 1953. Do share your brilliance in comments.

Have at it, lovelies!


criticlasm said...

I can't wait for the "born in 1999" post. Hee.

Vertigo's Psycho said...

If Gloria Grahame in The Big Heat is considered supporting work, count her in. Others that come to mind: Nanette Fabray in The Band Wagon; Celia Johnson and Yvonne de Carlo as contrasting types in The Captain's Paradise; Kay Kendall in Genevieve; Gina Lollibrigida in Beat the Devil; Allyn Ann McLerie in Calamity Jane; Ann Miller in Kiss Me Kate; Jean Peters in Pickup on South Street; and one of your favorites (and mine), Carolyn Jones in House of Wax. You've already covered Jones, of course- she also has a great, vivid bit in Heat as a nervous card dealer badgered by a sadistic Lee Marvin. During the 1950's Jones sure mastered the art of making an impact with minimal screen time (see also The Seven Year Itch, The Tender Trap, Invasion of the body Snatchers, The Man Who Knew Too Much, etc.).


i LOVE "who wore it best" too. so hilarious. glad others are reading the brilliant Circus Hour

Anna said...

Rate your students?! Ha! Today I actually contemplated firing one of mine - seriously!

C. Heston - yeah . . . mmmmmmm

StinkyLulu said...

Believe it or not, there are a handful of legitimate contenders for both "Born in 1998" and "Born in 1999." Much after that, however? We'll be forced to forgo the "Born In..." installment if we choose a year from the '00s.

whip-smart said...

Why don't we just pick 'born in' for a year we've already done?

v's-p, I think Jean Peters was a lead in 'Pickup...'.

Vertigo's Psycho said...

I view Widmark as Pickup's lead, with Peters and the rest of the cast supporting him, similar to how I categorize Grahame's work opposite star Glenn Ford in the Big Heat, but one can argue Grahame's a lead in that film, too.