A Very Stinky XXXMas - StinkyLulu's 2007 Mix

It's that time of year again...

Time for StinkyLulu's annual XXXMas mix to remind one and all that wholly irreverent, stubbornly melancholy, occasionally obscene and generally inappropriate holiday recordings are themselves a "Reason for the Season." (See previous playlists here: 2006, 2005.) Santa's elves are currently going postal with this year's edition, commencing delivery of these tunefully Stinky tidings to beloveds hither and yon. This year's edition is a little over the top: fancy new sleeves, a total of 43 tracks between two discs, and two gorgeous cover designs courtesy of the lovely and talented MrStinky.

The first disc (A Very Stinky Xmas - "For The Entire Family") is very PG (selections available via iTunes).
click image to enlarge

The second disc (A Very Stinky XXXmas - "For the Rest of Us") is NC-17 (iTunes had a mere 3 of the 22 tracks so I didn't even bother).
click image to enlarge

So, lovely reader - Be naughty! Be nice! Be merry merry!


your mom said...

Hey, where'd you dig up that picture of me in my xmas teddy?

StinkyLulu said...

It's on the internet, my love!

You're famous!!!