"A Convenient Way to Get in Touch with Old People" (Quote of the ThursDay)

from edwired, post 1 & 2 - referred via AHA blog
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Dr. S said...

um, what? a convenient way to get in touch with old people?

for me, e-mail is a convenient way to get in touch with everyone. maybe that's because, like so many assertions of this sort, this quote's idea is actually at least a decade behind the times, no?

and actually the people for whom e-mail seems most convenient are retailers. I've spent the whole week unsubscribing to the 8 billion company e-mails I receive every week.

StinkyLulu said...

Check out the quote in context. I found the author's argument fairly apt.

And I find that I'm right in the "new old" email demographic -- I only want to use the phone for personal conversations with close friends and find myself clucking at colleagues who use the phone to (gasp) ask questions or arrange things horribly behind the times, or impossibly neo-Luddite. At the same time, I dismiss texting and other "messaging" services as "what those crazy kids are up to (which I just don't understand)"...

I'm so invested in email at this point -- it frightens me that it could go the way of the betamax (to which I was also hopelessly devoted).