Supporting Actress Sundays in July: 1961

Once again, the race was a tight one.
One third of y'all voting for 1988, another third for 1961, and a 3rd third split between 1952, 1970 & 1979... And -- amazingly enough -- it turned out to be a precise tie between 1961 and 1988. And the responsibility thereby falls to StinkyLulu to break the tie. (So considering the input of the SmackDowners Nat & Tim who strongly preferred 1961; while taking into account of Nick's 1988 inclinations; while considering the logistics of the "more recent" versus "more historical" film in terms of acquisition & the NatReel; while contemplating Criticlasm's "get out the vote for '61" campaign; & while ultimately doing what StinkyLulu damn well pleases...)

1961 it is!!!

Fay Bainter in The Children's Hour • Judy Garland in Judgment at Nuremberg
Lotte Lenya in The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone • Una Merkel in Summer and Smoke
& Rita Moreno in West Side Story.

It's quite a line up. As one correspondent (a friend of Reddish68's) noted:
1961 -- a movie about lesbians; a gay icon; another gay icon (for those with a severe version of the musical theatre gene); a movie based on a play by a gay icon; and a gay icon.
pretty sweet group of nominees...
That about sums it up.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow (?!?!)
for the first installment of
1961's Supporting Actress Sundays!!!

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