2006 Emmy Nominations: The Supporting Actresses

Prime Time Emmy's never been Lulu's favorite. To be true, PrimeTime Emmy's way down the list. But because Lulu's on a jag regarding all supporting actresses lately, it's only fair that Emmy gets some attention. This morning's Emmy nominations provide a perfect opportunity:
(ETA: see comments for more on BIG LOVE)
It's just wrong that the Big Love women & Mary-Louise Parker
got shut out of acting nominations. Love that Stockard Channing,
but why is she in MLP's seat? It's just wierd. And StinkyLulu just doesn't understand
a world where Jeanne Tripplehorn didn't get a nomination this year?
Is there some eligibility snafu that Lu's not yet aware of?
Jeepers. This kinda thing is where you lose Lulu every time, Emmy.
And now to our nominees...

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series
• Cheryl Hines as Cheryl David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
• Megan Mullally as Karen, Will & Grace
• Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes, Weeds
Jaime Pressly as Joy, My Name Is Earl
• Alfre Woodard as Betty Applewhite, Desperate Housewives
This trophy should already belong to Jaime Pressly. As good as Perkins and Woodard are, they ain't flat out hilarious like Pressly. (Mullally can be, but puh-leeze release us from the torture of W&G already...) Cheryl Hines? Feh. (Lulu's convinced it's always a sympathy nod for putting up with the over-rated, in-joke idiocy of Larry David.) Jaime Pressly though -- adored by The Gays and Nascar Dads? Now that's a character for the ages...

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
• Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt, Boston Legal
• Blythe Danner as Izzy Huffstodt, Huff
• Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy
• Chandra Wilson as Dr. Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy
Jean Smart as First Lady Martha Logan, 24
Notwithstanding the loathsome omission of any of the Big Love women (especially the underappreciated genius of Grace Zabriskie)... This is a pretty solid field, with two old reliables (Bergen & Danner) up against two plucky upstarts (Oh & Wilson), but StinkyLulu's constitutionally incapable of endorsing anyone else when Jean Smart's in the mix. Smart's easily StinkyLulu's most very favorite actress on the teevee box. And she's done the near impossible in this role: gotten Lulu to watch an episode of 24. (Not even Shohreh could do that...)

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie
• Kelly Macdonald as Gina, The Girl In The CafĂ©/HBO
Shirley Jones as Aunt Batty, Hidden Places/Hallmark
• Ellen Burstyn as Former Tarnower “Steady”, Mrs. Harris/HBO
• Cloris Leachman as Tarnower’s Sister, Mrs. Harris/HBO
Alfre Woodard as Mrs. Brown, The Water Is Wide/CBS
This one's a toughie: a British newbie up against 3 women who've been kissed by Oscar (+ 1 who at least had a date). So StinkyLulu's gonna err on the softie side of Hallmark. Woodard is the leading contender here. Emmy loves her & this year she's a double nominee/potential spoiler in the comedy category. Here, though, Woodard plays a tough black woman whose character arc maps the redemptive journey of the sentimental story. It's the kind of role that's guaranteed trophy bait for actresses of a certain age & of this particular ethnic derivation. But -- as strong as Woodard is in this race -- the ringer here really could be Shirley Jones. The movie did great business for a 2nd (3rd?)-tier cable channel & Jones is supposedly great in it. So -- barring an unforseen health crisis for Burstyn or Leachman -- Jones just might snatch it in an "I'm Still Here" kinda coup that this category in particular is always ripe for...

So. There. StinkyLulu's preliminary thoughts on Emmy's Supporting Actresses...
Now it your turn, lovely reader. Do tell...


Joe R. said...

Someone told me today that Big Love wasn't eligible because it didn't get enough episodes in before the cut-off date or something. So that I can marginally deal with. MLP is another story altogether. Happy for Chandra Wilson, though.

StinkyLulu said...

Thanks Joe. The more I thought about it I figured that had to be the case. There's simply too much there to not have anything... We'll see how things look come Golden Globes.

And yes: Chandra Wilson is the best thing on GA. I'd be soo into her winning. (Though I remain hopelessly devoted to Jean Smart, I do.)


But BIG LOVE was eligible because it got three nominations
casting, direction, and title design.

so. this. sucks.

i hate the emmys. more on my blog tomorrow morning.