Introducing "Supporting Actress Watch"

MrStinky recently complained that StinkyLu's stopped "reviewing" current movies. So, even though Lu never really got going on the "review" rollercoaster (just an occasional mention here or there), & though StinkyLulu's basic opinions on recent screenings can be divined from the "Film Log" (look for the link under Lulu's pic at the upper right), but...

Lulu does want MrStinky to be happy.

2006 Supporting Actresses
The Best, The Worst & The Rest

Shareeka Epps in Half Nelson
Fiona Shaw in The Black Dahlia
Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada
Parker Posey in Superman Returns
Seema Biswas in Water

So, taking a cue from Queer Beacon's "light shed/no gay content/shipwreck" movie rating system, StinkyLulu will -- from here on out -- pause periodically to opine on recent new movie screenings via StinkyLulu's main movie obsession: the Supporting Actress angle. "Supporting Actress Watch" will therefore address current films through a consideration of particularly noteworthy Supporting Actress performances. Ain't all gonna be raves, lovely readers, but 'twill be emphasizing the aspect of movie-lovin' that Lulu loves best: actressing on the edges.

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