Today In Cinema - 2:07:10

If you recognize the film, say so in comments. (And, if you are so inclined,
share your favorite thing -- moment/memory/response/etcetera -- about the film.)


Gustavo H.R. said...


It took me four years to finally watch it. I was uncomfortable with the idea. That's so silly. It's a very poignant love story.

jakey said...

I saw this film at an independent theater in Minneapolis. My strongest memory is not of the film itself, but of my friend sneaking in her Panera bread bowl and making the whole theater smell like broccoli cheese.

I loved this film yet can never rewatch it due how to sad it makes me, a sentiment I had long before Heath Ledger passed. I felt like I had fallen in love with the *character* of Ennis del Mar (in a way he reminded me of someone I once knew), especially when he tells Linda Cardellini her new man looks like fun and she cries "Ennis, girls don't fall in love with FUN!"