If You're a LAMB...

StinkyLulu's been nominated in the category of "Best Running Feature" (for Supporting Actress Sundays). Even though Supporting Actress Sundays is the LONGEST running feature among the nominees, I suspect it will remain "honor just being nominated" due to the heavyhitters amongst my competition. (Just call me the Maria Ouspenskaya of The Lammys.) But, if you're a LAMB, I do hope you'll consider voting for little ole Lulu. And, if you're not a LAMB, I do hope you've got another prize ready to bestow. (Cash is always nice.)

PS: If you DO vote, be sure to support the "Friends of StinkyLulu" among the nominees -- She Blogged by Night, Final Girl, and Valley Dreamin'.


Stacia said...
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Stacia said...

Congrats - and thanks for the shout out!

I'm glad I forgot that I was avoiding your blog until I finished "Husbands and Wives" (I have the disk right here! Whoo!) and saw this post.

(I deleted my first post, I think I may have said something that could have started a riot... sorry 'bout that.)