Unofficial Female Film Canon

If you haven't already checked it out, you simply must peruse "The Unofficial Female Film Canon" recently posted at House of Mirth and Movies (via Bright Lights Film blog). While hardly comprehensive, it's a compelling, vast and diverse list.

And it certainly stirred me to thinking about which "female protagonist" movies would simply HAVE to be on mine. I suspect my first additions would be Within Our Gates, Maria Full of Grace, Caged and Hairspray (1988), though that's certainly only the beginning. But what say you, lovely reader? What films would be on your addenda to House of Mirth & Movie's "Female Film Canon"?


Walter L. Hollmann said...

Carrie, 8 Women, Gone with the Wind, The Hours on mine. At the very least, I mean.

jakey said...

As trite as it may sound, Mean Girls was the only flick that immediately sprang to mind. Written by a woman, based on a book by a woman, and great social commentary about our young females.