Monday Morning Meditation: Who's That Girl? - PUZZLE #031609

Who's That Girl #031609
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Note your answer AND the time it took you to complete the puzzle in comments.


Stacia said...

Mercedes McCambridge (her face fit all on one piece of the puzzle, so I knew it was her immediately - but it took 9:46 for me to finish the puzzle! Lulz.)

Middento said...

Ha! 4:31! (And I also guessed McCambridge -- but what movie is it? I almost don't recognize her without spurs. As it happens, I will be showing a clip from _Johnny_Guitar_ in class in less than an hour!)

And thanks, now I have the Eurythmics stuck in my head. Seriously, thanks: I *love* the Eurythmics!

StinkyLulu said...

All the King's Men - Monday would have been Mercedes's 93rd birthday.


6:08. damn that was hard compared to the last one.