Wishing You A Very Stinky XMas~

Sorry, lovely reader, for having been such a slacker. But it's that time of year. It's also been the time of year in which MrStinky & I go a little crazy assembling scores upon scores of these little cd collections of basically surprising (and often inappropriate) holiday music. But it's not fair to leave you out of the loop, is it? So, for a limited time only, I'll be posting the contents of our 2008 Very Stinky XXXMas CD for your illicit downloading pleasure. We'll start with "FESTIVE" -- the first cd, suitable for the entire family. Later tonight I hope to post "FILTHY" -- the second cd, suitable for the rest of us. These links will only be live for a few days, so download while you can.

A Very Stinky XMas - FESTIVE
It's Christmas Time - Brittlestar
Miracles Can Happen - Betty
Take Me Away - Nellie McKay
Rudolph Pouts - Israfel's Son With Connie & Chorus
Close Your Mouth (It's Christmas) - The Free Design
Swing Low, Sweet Mistletoe - Lylas
Little Town - Over The Rhine
River - Sixpence None The Richer
Long Night Moon - Catie Curtis
I Love (Christmas Stuff) - Sarah Dashew
I Just Need You For Christmas - Gwen Sebastian
All Hopped Up On Jingle Bells - Punchline
Please, Please, Please, Please, Please - The Imprints
Don'tcha Try To Tell Me There Ain't No Santa Claus - Lisa And The Lollipops
The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year - The Quinto Sisters
Ho Ho Ho - Larry Hooper & Lawrence Welk's Champagne Music Makers
Fum Fum Fum - The Glad Singers
Escuchad, Escuchad - Los TNT
Jingle Bells - Lisa Loeb
Hard Candy Christmas - Acoustic Grace
Last Christmas - The Dreamer and The Sleeper

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Middento said...

Hee! I forgot to say THANK YOU for the lovely, nifty gifty! I had never heard of most of these and think they're great. (Well, the Festive one at least. We have to wait until my parents leave town and the boy isn't in the car to check out the other one...;)

Merry Christmas!!