Never Blend In (The Best on MILK - An Internet Anthology In Progress)

The new film MILK has already inspired some really interesting and diverse commentary throughout the myriad tubes of the interwebs. So, I've decided to devote this page to the construction of an ongoing compilation of some of the best web-writing on the already acclaimed film. Below you will find the beginnings of what will hopefully be an evolving list of the smartest, sassiest, most scintillating, and most illuminating web-writing to yet address the film. And I hope that you, lovely reader, will contribute to this list, by either sending along your own commentary or by sending the link to a piece of writing that really caught your attention. (Please note your recommendations in comments below, or in an email to me, and I'll add it to the list as soon as I can. If you'd like me to "credit" your recommendation, please be certain to include a link to your blog/site in your nominating comment/email.)

The Must-Read MILKers include:

And please do keep 'em coming..

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