To Dos Day

___ Item 1: CHECK OUT.
The most recent entry in Nathaniel & Nick & Goatdog's amazing project, Best Pictures from the Outside In. This one -- comparing Gone with the Wind and The English Patient -- is especially rich.

___ Item 2: BEHOLD.
The astonishing fabulousity of Kristen Scott Thomas via her most passionate acolyte, ModFab.

The Smackdown for 1969 is soon upon us (November 30) and I've still got a few slots open on the panel. If you are interested (and can lay your hands on the relatively obscure Last Summer), please gimme a holler and we'll sign you up.

Please please please do help me spread the word about the upcoming Supporting Actress Blogathon. I'm a little paranoid that the event'll float under the radar given it's early date of January 4, 2009. (I'm running it so early to maintain the fantasy that someone with a nominating ballot might see y'all's insightful suggestion, etcetera etcetera.) But please do consider promoting the event on your blog if you are so inclined. And, of course, please start planning your entry/entries for the big day!

___ Item 5: OK - I KNOW I'M CRAZY BUT.
I've decided to start StinkyLulu's monthly "Women on the Verge" Film Club in the new year. Why? Because I want to prime the pump a little with a Day of Appreciation for the newly remastered Boys in the Band. So, mark your calendars, girls: Monday, December 15 is StinkyLulu's Day of Appreciation for Boys in the Band. Rearrange your queues and prep your posts for what is sure to be a fabulous day devoted to an important -- if problematic -- part of our homo cinematic heritage.

___ Item 6: WISH IT.
Today's MrStinky's birthday. And I'm a total slacker. Flowers and movie. That's it. But I am at a loss as to what else to do (especially given the fact that I have little in the way of extra cash to toss around). So I turn to you, lovely reader: what do you think I should I do to celebrate the amazingness of MrStinky on this, his special day?
Have at it, lovelies...

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Alex in Movieland said...

less than 2 days left and I'm desperate to see 1956 win!! :D and not 45. So please change your votes! :P
Let's all have a Giant December!!! :) with 2 Rock Hudson movies.

On another subject: count me in for the Blogathon! I can't say right now which performance, because I see most of my Oscar films in December, but I already have one in mind.

Hope the birthday went well. A hot kinky weekend would be the present I'd pick! :P