To Dos Day

___ Item 1: POW.
Philip Toledano's amazing installation, America The Gift Shop. Just. Wow. (via Andrew Sullivan)

___ Item 2: OMG.
The Oscar Completist takes on High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

___ Item 3: EEK.
Fabulon shares the scariest thing I've seen in a long time. Followed by the prettiest.

___ Item 4: AHH.
And Your Little Blog Too reminds us that nothing's so much fun as A Barrel of Bitches.

___ Item 5: HMM.
Who looks fabu in a red turban? I wonder...

___ Item 6: OOH.
A couple announcements: I've decided to start the Women on the Verge Monthlies series in November; I'll soon decide on the date, though I haven't quite yet decided whether to pick the film via vote or not. November will also bring a month of Supporting Actress Sundays devoted to 1969, starting this coming Sunday with Goldie Hawn, of all people. (The Smackdown panel for 1969 is wide open; holler if you're innersted but remember the Smackdown's on Thanksgiving weekend.) Piper Laurie will pop up over the next couple days and Celebrity Rehab will continue on Fridays. Look for the 3rd Annual Supporting Actress Blogathon poster in this space next week; in the meantime, save the date (January 4, 2009). I think that's about it. Whew. Any reminders or announcements from y'all? Give your shout-outs in comments.
Have at it, lovelies...


Slayton said...

I'll do it if someone can mail me a copy of Midnight Cowboy - I can't get it over Netflix. I really want to help Catherine Burns win it and I've already seen three of the nominees, so I'm pretty much set otherwise.

Alex in Movieland said...

don't you live in the USA? try living in Romania and finding them :)
can't you use amazon or ebay? I bet they deliver superfast over there. Plus, Midnight Cowboy is not rare, so it's gotta be cheap.

If not, do it the ilegal way: go to scrapetorrent.com or torrent-finder.com

Slayton said...

I could always... ugh, RENT it. I guess.