StinkyLulu Needs To See MORE Movies!

Sitting in Chicago O'Hare, waiting for a teensy little plane to whisk me off to Amish country for two days of campus visiting (& non-stop tap-dancing)...

Saw the new Harry Potter with MrStinky yestiddy.
Started the Lu to wondering: "Is there a ratio between StinkyLulu's frequency of moviegoing & the relative harshness of StinkyLulu's critical eye?" Or, put another way: the fewer the movies, the harsher the Lu? It really does seem that StinkyLulu -- ever the movie 'ho -- has found most recent screenings to be vaguely (Jarhead, Capote, & Harry) or seriously (Rent) underwhelming...
O'course, the Lu's been crazy busy lately & has been lucky to catch one movie a week. So, one suspects drastic intervention is necessary: MORE MOVIES FOR LULU! Tell your friends! Write your congressman! Hire a blimp! Action must be taken...can't let Lulu devolve into CrabbyLulu, now can we.

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