Rosita's Day of the Dead

Friday last was a long day. Starting with the funeral where MrStinky offered an incredible memorial eulogy. Quickly followed by StinkyLu's phone interview with a college in Amish country. Then much schlepping around town doing errands and such. Finalemente, night time -- and what did the Stinkys do?

Go to the theatre.

Or teatro -- as the case may be.
See, the Stinkys had long ago purchased tickets to see some little play going up at the National Hispanic Cultural Center as part of their annual Dia de los Muertos celebration:

Dona Rosita's Day of the Dead

A one-woman show featuring Ruby Nelda Perez.


"Ruby Nelda Perez is one of the most talented and nationally recognized Chicano theatre artists" -- to which StinkyLu was all, who knew?!? -- "eliciting enthusiastic reactions from audiences in the US and the Americas." Well, to give her credit, Ruby Nelda certainly did elicit last Friday -- it was a sweet hoot of a night. Silly little piece about a chismosa trying to get all the food cooked up for her comadre's ofrendas. Very cute. Much fun with accents as Ruby Nelda enacted about 6 or 7 different characters. Silly. Sweet. Not altogether dramaturgically sound. But hey. You can do much worse with only a 10spot on a Friday night.

And Ruby Nelda's best gag? A running one -- when she told every customer to come pick up their tamales or pan de dulce or whatever at "9 o'clock tomorrow! Mas o menos! Sharp!" So true. So true. (If only Ruby Nelda was actually from the 'Querque -- she would have known to conclude every phone call with a quick "buenobye"... Maybe next time.)

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