Supporting Actress Sundays for SEPTEMBER '09: 1993

Hear ye, hear ye -- September's month of Supporting Actress Sundays will devote its attention to

Oscar's Supporting Actresses for 1993 are:

Holly Hunter in The Firm
Anna Paquin in The Piano
Rosie Perez in Fearless
Winona Ryder in The Age of Innocence
Emma Thompson in In the Name of the Father

Supporting Actress Smackdown for 1993:
Sunday, September 27.
Featuring a Smackdown panel of 6 or 7 Smackdowners TBA.
(Contact StinkyLulu via email
to express interest/availability for Smackdowner service.)

So we've got a brave tart, a precocious tot, a grieving mother, a sweet young thing, and a steely dame. Sounds like a fairly standard roster of Supporting Actressness to me, but we'll see what shakes out as the profiling begins (if not next Sunday, then soon thereafter).


MovieMania said...

I'd love to join in some smackdowning fun!

corsy101 said...

sweet, i loved anna paquin, and ive always wanted to know who people thought outta win that year

jakey said...

I'm looking forward to this! From what I've been looking up, the actual films all sound interesting, but the supporting actress parts less so. It'll be interesting to read!

Colin said...

Oooh, possibly my favourite supporting actress perf ever is in that line-up. Can't wait for the smackdown!