Supporting Actress Sundays for JUNE'09: 1983

And now, June's month of Supporting Actress Sundays directs our attention to the actresses at the edge of...

Supporting Actress Smackdown for 1983:
Sunday, June 28.
Brooke Cloudbuster,
JoeR, Aaron, Encore, Douglas Racso, Walter & ???...
(If you have a blog, are able to re/screen this month's movies, and want to join the Smackdowning fun, please email StinkyLulu asap! )


Alex in Movieland said...

I would've loved to participate; unfortunately, it's strangely impossible for me to find Cross Creek. :( 2 bad.

it looks like an interesting year. :) very... colorful. with Cher in it. and Amy Irving's Oscar/Razzie consideration. However, I don't think you have to be a psychic to see who's gonna win :D . Anyway, can't wait to see how close it comes.

Douglas Racso said...

I'd like to join!

Anonymous said...

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