To Dos Day

___ Item 1: BUY THIS BOOK.
An ambitious new novel by longtime StinkyPal David Ebershoff, The 19th Wife. (Listen to David on NPR here.)

___ Item 2: CAKE LOVE.
Cake is perhaps my favorite food. (Aside, o'course, from grilled cheese.) I also adore the sometimes appalling manifestations of an abundant creativity. All of which makes it a no-brainer that my new favorite site is Cake Wrecks. Be amazed, be very very amazed

___ Item 3: BURN WITH ENVY.
Because someone -- I'm looking at you, And Your Little Blog, Too -- got to witness a special program of outtakes from The Night of the Hunter sponsored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Don't miss the amazing write-up by Vertigo's Psycho.

Reddish68's linkage to my Dark Knight rant has stirred some heated, interesting commentary over at Oh, Well, Just This Once... All told, it's a fascinating assemblage of opinions about the summer's most extraordinarily successful film.

The poll's open and the race is on. This month's range of options include several of the most revered performances as well as one of the most controversial fields ever. Be sure to cast your vote in the column at right or vote here.

Just yesterday, MrStinky and I -- on our way to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 -- got the times wrong and happened into a screening of The Wackness, which I pretty much loved, instead. Which gets me to wondering about what other smaller summer movies I might have missed. So, I ask you, lovely reader: have you caught any excellent smaller films that really deserved greater attention than they got amidst this blockbusting summer of Dark Knight Sex in the Mamma Mia City of the Crystal Stepbrothers Skull. Beat the drum for your favorites in comments...

Have at it, lovelies..


Joe Reid said...

I don't know about "more attention," since it's gotten plenty of publicity for what it is, but I loved the hell out of American Teen.

StinkyLulu said...

And it still hasn't opened out here in the sticks.

As you might imagine, I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyying to see it...