"Originails" (Homo Heritage Fridays)

from Advocate MEN.
August 1987, page 15.
For details, click the image; then click again to magnify.

Lulu gives.

Please offer your suggestions about the nature, purpose and ostensible use of an "originail" in comments. Please?!?


Sheepdog said...

Um... drug reference?

Or... maybe if you can't possbly load more gold chains onto your chest, so you seek out new frontiers for gilding?

Obviously, I have no idea.

StinkyLulu said...

I had wondered about the drug-accessory angle, and that was MrStinky's suggestion... I keep getting stuck on the logistical questions: is like a Lee press-on nail? Were you to use it like a little shovel? Did people forget these things & leave them lying on glass coffee tables with cokey abandon? I just found the whole advertisement to be at once to be so bold and so curiously oblique.