A Very Stinky Birthday...

...Is Just Around the Corner.

Oh, lovely reader.
Just 2 Weeks from Today -- on September 20 -- StinkyLulu will be celebrating a birthday. Not a major milestone birthday...just another slow, trudging step along the path to oldness. But. For some reason, StinkyLu's really in the mood for some birthday swag this year. (No party necessary. Just merch. Thanks.) And though it's always unwise to imitate the inimitable, StinkyLulu's elected to take a cue from a certain someone's approach to such things and boldly announce the simple fact of StinkyLulu's upcoming Birthday.

Yup. This is just to mention StinkyLulu's birthday...
StinkyLulu's birthday wishlist.

Hee hee.
Lulu's never done anything like this...
It's fun being greedy.


your mom said...

Fine. Steal the attention from your elders. Merch whore.

StinkyLulu said...

That would be me.