His Miss Bancroft & Her Mister Brooks

It's always risky to link to an article in Salon but Criticlasm sent this one earlier. It's a really sweet & poignant ode to the long lovely romance of Anne Bancroft & Mel Brooks, whose 4-decade hollywood marriage is legendary.

The other day, Inez shared that a customer at the bookstore went on a whole jag about how she couldn't believe that a great serious actress like Anne Bancroft would marry someone "like that" & that her career suffered it. Inez wuz all: "Whutevah!"

So, StinkyLulu's gonna post links about the great love story of Bancroft/Brooks. Should you spy any, bring 'em on! If you don't believe in big hollywood love stories, StinkyLulu'll be all: "Whutevah!"

Rosie on Miss Bancroft & Mr. Brooks

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your mom said...

It was a real treat to watch segments of the 1983 Gene Shalit interview on the Today Show (which thankfully had about zero Shalit and lotsa Anne & Mel). I've been trying to find an archived video of that, and may have, though I can't run it to see (no Macs allowed). But if you are using Windoze (98 or later), try this: click here, then click on "Bancroft in 1983." And then tell this non-PC type all about it.