Ham of God

MrStinky flew away again this weekend; this time to Boston. StinkyLulu was 'sposed to hold on to the library copy of a certain book so MrStinky could read it on the plane but StinkyLu got confused... The book went back to the library & MrStinky has to survive without Annie Lamott's Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith for the whole weekend.... Alas. Alack. Alloo.

StinkyLulu really does love Anne Lamott when she writes about faith. Traveling Mercies stands as one of the few books that StinkyLulu's read and reread in the last coupla years -- with each reading being an almost entirely new experience, each encounter providing a welcome kick in the head. Lamott's Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith enters into Lamott's spiritual journey as an aging sober born-again hippie parent & offers -- in addition to Lamott's signature style/humility/humor -- her impassioned struggle of faith and principle living under the Bush.

StinkyLulu read "Ham of God," the first story in Plan B, about 6 times last weekend. (That's not mentioning the 4 or 5 times StinkyLulu retold the story to anyone who happened to pass by.) So...as we enter into Easter weekend, StinkyLulu encourages you to make your own Easter snack of "Ham of God". Go to Border's or Barnes&Noble or wherever. Pick up Lamott. And read "Ham of God." Be sure to read to the end...


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