Cunning Baffling Powerful

327 Days

StinkyLulu's quite fond of this quilt -- the first go at a whole cloth quilting method StinkyLu's been contemplating for almost 6 years of stitchery. The pic comes from the Spring 2004 annual quilt show by the Yale Quilters when the piece bore the temporary title 327 Days. In mid-June the quilt graduated to its intended title, Cunning Baffling Powerful, and was presented Tim G. as a gesture of gratitude and fellowship.

The quilt is entirely hand-constructed, using raw silk for the main panel and the binding. The back was another softer kind of silk, in a somewhat greener matte brown. The entire piece was quilted by hand, using variegated cotton thread. The dimensions of the quilt are roughly 50" by 40".

Cunning Baffling Powerful (2004).

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