Rateyourstudents.com: RIP?!? (AKA wha' happened?)

One of StinkyLulu's most favorite recent sites -- RateYourStudents.com -- might have just kicked the virtual bucket. Today, a click on RateYourStudents.com routes to a site very different than the site Lulu had come to so love. For the last few months, as these cached archives of RateYourStudents.Com clearly show, the site has provided an uncommon forum for various faculty-types, along with their greatest sympathizers and critics, to share observations about current behaviors in the college classroom.

It's not clear to the Lu whether the site is gone, down, hacked, engaging in some cyberformance, or whut. But hey (and if you're scrolling through this "Professor," THANKS!) StinkyLulu lurved that site. Took away some of the daily pain of college teaching...

Ahhh, the roiling pit of academentia. Where free speech'll cost ya.

UPDATE: Things seem to be back up & moving ahead for "The Professor"... A good thing.

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Rate Your Students said...

Stinky...you are clearly the greatest! I love your site, and I thank you for your concern. As my site shows today, some recent hacks have reduced us to rubble, but we're in the planning stages of taking the site to a new location and with a modified mission.

You keep up the good work here, though. I always have a blast on your site.