The ModFab6 Has Arrived!!!

Oh. Oh. Oh.
Lovely readers, StinkyLulu's heart swells.
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It's official. Thanks to your unfailing discernment & unflinching loyalty & unabashed cronyism,
StinkyLulu made the cut!

StinkyLulu's in The ModFab6!
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Click on ModFab6's kicky new logo to be whisked off to Nathaniel's
introduction/inauguration/coronation. (Look for StinkyLu's
own breathless acceptance ramblings in the next day or so...)

So, thanks beloveds.
StinkyLulu's curious about how this fandango will play & is grateful to have lovely readers like yourself along for the inevitable hoots & hollers.


Dr. S said...

Your tiara is divine. Mmm!

your mom said...

I'll have you know I dragged my sorry ass outta that dark holler just to vote! Your time has come, dear. Be sure to use your new power only for good, and never evil.