Supporting Actress Sundays in October: 1982

THANKS, to you lovely readers (& to the intrepid Smackdowners), for making the 1936 Smackdown such a success. Even with scheduling issues, even with the obscurity of some of the titles, and even without a NatReel -- 1936 somehow got the most traffic of any Smackdown to date! So thanks, all, for sharing so delightfully in StinkyLulu's obsession with actressing at the edges.

But October's a new month, and brings with it a crop of performances StinkyLulu's been giddy to rescreen ever since starting Supporting Actress Sundays way back in March/April...


A banner year for actressing at the edges, on all counts.
And Oscar's Supporting Actresses for 1982 are:

And, lovely reader, though the selection of 1982 for October was done by executive fiat, know that the voting for November's roster will start in a couple weeks. Also, even though CouldaShouldaWoulda Wednesdays has become an infrequent feature at best, be sure to holler if you wanna hear StinkyLulu ramble about a favorite 1982 performance (awesomely brilliant or bodaciously bad, s'all good). No promises, but Lu'll give it a shot...


par3182 said...

this is one of my favourite oscar line-ups in any category.

DL said...

Go Lesley Anne Warren!!


par -me too. I haven't seen Stanley yet but I love the other four (i know i'm not supposed to show my hand so early but I do)

and, unless someone surprises me on a rescreening I already know where my vote is going though any of them would be fine winners in most years.

can't wait.

Criticlasm said...

Just a little research. 1982 was an embarassment of riches, (or just an embarassment) it seems. So these are some of the releases, in addition to those above:

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Eating Raoul
Nightshift (Ron Howard's first pic)
Officer and a Gentleman
Pink Floyd's the Wall

which all bring back memories, thanks to the glories of The Movie Channel and high rotation.

But my vote for coulda woulda shoulda supporting would be either

Kate Jackson in Making Love


Cher, Karen Black or Sandy Dennis in Come Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.

StinkyLulu said...

I'm just glad there're no kiddies in this batch.

But I've sorta been planning all along on doing a CSW on Cher in Jimmie Dean -- I have a copy & it's largely considered the performance that "transformed" her into an actress. Moreau's incredible in Querelle. And I just love Grace Zabriskie (Officer & Gent...so so so much. Jamie Lee's ok in Night Shift but there's nobody really nomination-worthy in Whorehouse or The Wall (?!?). (I remember hating the Diva woman & barely remember Raoul's supporting cast at all.)

But Kate Jackson's an interesting suggestion....Hmmm...

Vertigo's Psycho said...

Cher- Yes! I couldn't think of any 1982 alternates offhand, but she's the one for me (to be blunt, I'd have no problem with her taking over Kim Stanley's slot). Altman's Come Back might not completely cast aside its stage origins, but the acting is rich and the drama memorable, with the earthy Cher keeping pace with the excellent Sandy Dennis and Karen Black in naturalistic, beautiful fashion (there's no indication Cher is much newer to screen acting than her established costars). Also, if the wonderful Dennis (in one of her craftiest portrayals) is considered the sole lead, Black's sly work as Joanne could also be considered nomination-worthy, along with Marta Heflin, who brings a sweet, touching passivity to her role(there's absolutely no "showboating" in Heflin's quiet, intelligent performance- without drawing attention to her herself, Heflin's Edna Louise effortlessly-but-impressively blends right into Five's melancholic atmosphere).

Vertigo's Psycho said...

Oh, and dear Stinky, it's Shelly Long who makes an impression in Night Shift, while Jamie Lee's breakthrough work as another heart-of-gold hooker in Trading Places will have to wait until 1983's recap.

StinkyLulu said...

Shelley Long.
Even worse.

At least I like Jamie Lee.

Criticlasm said...

I like Kate, and also an exploration of the movie, as it seems to be a victim of its time. It was so villified, and I actually think it's bitersweet and much more hefty than people give it credit for. She might be considered a lead, but she's definitely on the fence.

I thought about Moreau in Querelle as well, and am fascinated those two movies were made the same year.

Criticlasm said...

I also have to say this is an interesting year for you and me and I'm sure many others, as it's around the beginning of remembering movies (and puberty). I remember seeing Victor/Victoria alone at the theater, and seeing it many more times on cable. So it will be interesting to see a year that's closer with movies that many people have an emotional connection to. I still remember how searing Lange is in Frances, so I almost want to watch that again--and I remember thinking Lesley Anne Warren was robbed for a consolation prize.

par3182 said...

i thought of someone i'd bump stanley for -

dana hill in shoot the moon

stephsayss said...

Yay for Victor/Victoria! =)!@!!