StinkyLulu's Supporting Actress Smackdown: THE RETURN

Dear reader,
You may have encountered this rumor on the wild and wondrous interwebs...

...and I am here to confirm that this rumor is TRUE

TheFilmExperience will be hosting new Supporting Actress Smackdowns in the coming months, with StinkyLulu serving as emcee (and as smackdowner).

About the other whispers, I can't confirm anything right now but I would not be surprised to also see a return of the Supporting Actress Blogathon in January 2014 (platform TBA). And it remains entirely plausible that StinkyLulu's signature performance profiles might their own return (possibly using a different format/platform/routine). We shall see...

Thanks to you all for your generosity in remembering Smackdown so persistently. Such remembrances convinced Nathaniel that there would be an audience for its return and I'm thrilled to be a part of its relaunch and reinvention at TheFilmExperience.

To Actressing at the Edges!


CanadianKen said...

Welcome back! Love the Mo'Nique / Ma'Lone combo. A match made in Smackdown Heaven.

StinkyLulu said...

Nathaniel's really at the height of his powers with that photoshop job, isn't he!

CanadianKen said...

In a burst of pre-Smackdown enthusiasm I worked up a little piece about one of my favorite '52 films. Thought I'd pass on the link to you.


CanadianKen said...

Another emission from 1952: