Supporting Actress Sundays for December'08/January'09: 1945

After much unanticipated seasonal delay, I am very pleased to officially announce the roster and panel for the next Smackdown...

Supporting Actress Smackdown for 1945:
Sunday, January 18.
Featuring an excellent (and patient) panel of Smackdowners, including:
Ken, Matt, Stacia and one or two others...
ny volunteers?)


Criticlasm said...

I'm around, so let me know.

And FYI--Taraji Henson, Amy Adams, Viola Davis and Penelope Cruz--4 of the 5 this year I bet.

Alex in Movieland said...

Unfortunately, I can't participate because I don't have The Corn is Green :((

I hope I can see Doubt in time for the next smackdown; and The Reader (if that would be the case).

I already have:
- Vicky Cristina Barcelona
- The Wrestler
- Benjamin Button

so, I think it's gonna be Penelope, Marisa, Taraji, Winslet & Viola.
Amy is a spoiler (replacing Marisa)

Slayton said...

I'm expecting Cruz, Davis, Tomei, Winslet and either Henson or DeWitt. In a just world, Winger would be up there. I've seen Cruz and DeWitt, and I'll see Henson this week.