Feeling a Little Naked Today...

Two consecutive Sundays without a Supporting Actress profile.
Dunno when that's happened
in 30 months of Supporting Actressness.
Haven't even screened a movie in nearly a week.
I am feeling the withdrawal.
But, alas, it can't be helped.
Claims to make.
Prose to polish.
Citations to list.
But every time I start to doubting my ability
to do what needs to be done,
The fact of 100+ Supporting Actress Sunday Profiles
reminds me that I can do what's necessary.
That's thanks to you.
So, thank you, lovely reader,
for reintroducing me
to my writerly self.

And while I'm whiling away the hours,
conferrin' with the flowers,
consultin' with the rain,
Consider amusing yourself within the archives.
Or inside the statistic sheets.
And report back with comments,
regarding your thoughts, impressions, and discoveries.
(Though, please, do hold off on the corrections.
At least for the time being.
I'm about at my limit for revisions right now.)
And know this,
I'll be back...

1 comment:

Alex in Movieland said...

oh, I check out the archive quite often :) thx for putting it together.

I see now that you had some really lucky choices for the first poll for April 2006.
1940, 49, 58, 67, 85 - all won in various polls. '76 is just about to win. and then you have 1994 and 2003 which haven't been selected.

I still don't see how 1949 would win any poll. Maybe we are given too many choices and the split vote gives birth to unusual winners.

although I didn't agree with the result (1969), last month's 4-way-vote felt more effective to me.