Something Hinky's Happening Here... (RE-VOTE: SEPTEMBER's Supporting Actress Sundays!)

Something hinky seems to be happening with the original poll to determine the Supporting Actress Sundays roster for September, with an overwhelming abundance of votes coming from a very small set of IP addresses, apparently skewing the results toward what is -- for me -- the least appealing of all the rosters. And, though I don't like to do this, it is La Casa de StinkyLulu and September is my birthday month and September's going to be really really busy for me so I want to want to watch the films and I'm just going to be bossy this way etcetera etcetera. I hereby announce, with apologies to the partisans for 1984, a recalibration of the poll prioritizing the four years I -- personally -- am most inclined to engage. So, please, lovely reader, do re-vote to determine...

What year deserves the focus
for StinkyLulu's Birthday month of
Supporting Actress Sundays?
1952: Gloria Grahame in The Bad and the Beautiful, Jean Hagen in Singin' In The Rain, Colette Marchand in Moulin Rouge, Terry Moore in Come Back, Little Sheba, Thelma Ritter in With a Song in My Heart.
1969: Catherine Burns in Last Summer, Dyan Cannon in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Goldie Hawn in Cactus Flower, Sylvia Miles in Midnight Cowboy, Susannah York in They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
1992: Judy Davis in Husbands and Wives, Joan Plowright in Enchanted April, Vanessa Redgrave in Howard's End, Miranda Richardson in Damage, Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.
2005: Amy Adams in Junebug, Catherine Keener in Capote, Frances McDormand in North Country, Michelle Williams in Brokeback Mountain, Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener.
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Michael said...

Vizu polling, brought to you by Diebold.

par3182 said...

each of these years have one nominee way in front of their opposition (imho) yet all of them lost - i'd be fascinated to read the showdowns all four but having to choose...

but i'm going with'69

Shaun said...

Lulu ~ I vote for 1992! It was a very competitive year with a very surprising Oscar win.